Back-Orders Details & Process

Backorder means that the product/item is not available in stock with us but you can still place order for it. It’ll be ordered from Korea or Japan on request.

Back-orders are available for already released albums, DVDs & merch.  

  • Estimated arrival time of backorders from Korea is 1.5 – 2 months 
  • Estimated arrival time of backorders from Japan is 25– 30 business days. 
  •  Back-Orders are combined with Pre-Orders & then shipped out to Pakistan, so our shipment arrival time is same for both GOs & Back-orders.

Back-Orders Payment Options Details

  • Full Payment Option:
You pay the lump sum amount. It’s the full payment of the item that includes Item price, international shipping charges, duties & taxes and local delivery charges in Pakistan.
  • No additional payment is required.
2 Installments Payment Option: 

You can pay the total amount of an item in two installments instead of lump sump amount or full payment.

  1.  1st Payment/1st Installment: Either 55% Of the total amount or the price of item+transcation fee to be paid in advance to secure your order.
  2. 2nd Payment/ 2nd Installment: The remaining amount is to be paid when the item are ready to be shipped out to Pakistan. 

Suppose the full payment of an item is 10000 pkr. If the 1st payment is 4000 pkr then the remaining payment-2 will be 6000 pkr.


Back-Orders Arrival Timeline

Arrival time for Korea shipments is estimated 1.5~2 Months.
  • All back-orders of Albums with specific versions are ordered from Weverse shop as other retailers only offer random version offer. Please keep in mind the estimated arrival time for Korea orders.
  • Transit time to Pakistan is 1 week when it’s shipped out from Korea

Arrival time for Japan shipments is estimated 25~30 days.

  • All back-orders of Albums that have either single version or it’s random version are ordered from Japan.
  • We will be ordering MOTS:7, Skool Luv Affair Special Edition, 2 Cool 4 skool, Skool Luv Affair, O!RUL8,2?, BE Deluxe & Essential Edition, Photobooks & other such merch from Japan.
  • Heavy or large sized merch items will be ordered from BTS JP FC Shop. 

Important Notes

Please keep in mind these points before ordering something through backorder

  •  There is absolutely NO Refund & NO Cancellation allowed whether the backorder is prepaid or cash on delivery. Once your order is placed, you cannot back out for any reason.
  • If you order anything on back-order or cash on delivery and later on demand for cancellation then PGS reserves the right to blacklist you from ordering any further orders.

  • Similarly, if you order on COD and refuse to accept the order when it’s delivered then you’ll be blacklisted.

  • When you enter any of PGS Group Orders or COD (backorder), you agree to all our  Terms Of Service/Rules. The estimated arrival time for both Korea & Japan shipments is clearly mentioned in the details. Complaints regarding delay of shipment are not acceptable & it’s not a valid excuse for backing out or cancellation of order. 

  • If you want to order something individually e.g any merch that has specific release date & PGS doesn’t have any GO available for it then it will be an assisted purchase. Kindly refer to assisted purchase details page for more information.

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