Back-Orders Details & Process

Backorder means that the product/item is not available in stock with us but you can still place order for it. It’ll be ordered from Korea or Japan on request.

Back-orders are available for already released albums, DVDs & merch.  

  • Estimated arrival time of backorders from Korea is 1.5 – 2 months 
  • Estimated arrival time of backorders from Japan is 25– 30 business days. 
  •  Back-Orders are combined with Pre-Orders & then shipped out to Pakistan, so our shipment arrival time is same for both GOs & Back-orders.

Back-Orders Arrival Timeline

Arrival time for Korea shipments is estimated 1.5~2 Months.
  • All back-orders of Albums with specific versions are ordered from Weverse shop as other retailers only offer random version offer. Please keep in mind the estimated arrival time for Korea orders.
  • Transit time to Pakistan is 1 week when it’s shipped out from Korea

Arrival time for Japan shipments is estimated 25~30 days.

  • All back-orders of Albums that have either single version or it’s random version are ordered from Japan.
  • We will be ordering MOTS:7, Skool Luv Affair Special Edition, 2 Cool 4 skool, Skool Luv Affair, O!RUL8,2?, BE Deluxe & Essential Edition, Photobooks & other such merch from Japan.
  • Heavy or large sized merch items will be ordered from BTS JP FC Shop. 

Important Notes

Please keep in mind these points before ordering something through backorder

  •  There is absolutely NO Refund & NO Cancellation allowed whether the backorder is prepaid or cash on delivery. Once your order is placed, you cannot back out for any reason.
  • If you order anything on back-order or cash on delivery and later on demand for cancellation then PGS reserves the right to blacklist you from ordering any further orders.

  • Similarly, if you order on COD and refuse to accept the order when it’s delivered then you’ll be blacklisted.

  • When you enter any of PGS Group Orders or COD (backorder), you agree to all our  Terms Of Service/Rules. The estimated arrival time for both Korea & Japan shipments is clearly mentioned in the details. Complaints regarding delay of shipment are not acceptable & it’s not a valid excuse for backing out or cancellation of order. 

  • If you want to order something individually e.g any merch that has specific release date & PGS doesn’t have any GO available for it then it will be an assisted purchase. Kindly refer to assisted purchase details page for more information.

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