Bulk-Orders Details For Resellers

Resellers can Join PGS Group Orders. 

They can do Back-orders as well for the already released albums, DVDs & merch
If You manage split GOs, we can help you buy unsealed DVDs at reasonable price. For details contact us on IG or Whatsapp. 

The minimum order quantity requirement for resellers is:

  • Minimum 2 DVDs/Potobooks etc. per one order
  • Minimum 5 albums per one order
  • Minimum 10 items per one order of BT21
  • For all other merch minimum order quantity is 5.

Rules For Resellers:

  • We do not offer any special or discounted prices for resellers. Prices for albums, DVDs & Merch  mentioned on our website are the final prices. If you join a GO for pre-order, you will be paying the same amount for all 3 payments as other GO participants. 

  • Please understand that bulk order actual minimum quantity starts with at least 15 albums/items. We understand that for a startup or small kpop online business it’s not possible to order this quantity, that’s why we offered a lower order Qty. If you want to order merch in bulk (i.e minimum Qty=15 items) then we can negotiate on the total amount of the order.

  • You can join PGS Group Orders but do let us know if you are buying it for reselling purpose. We appreciate honesty & we would love to support small businesses. 

  • Please refrain from bargaining on the product price or International shipping charges etc. We are not Weverse or official distributors etc. to offer you discount on product’s retail prices. PGS act as a purchasing agent to help you buy stuff from Korean or Japanese stores.

  • For bulk orders TCS local shipping charges are negotiable and we can offer discounted price depending upon the order.

  • You are not obliged to promote us but we would appreciate if you leave an honest review on our website because it helps us as a business.
*Please contact us via Instagram or Whatsapp For KPOP albums/Merch price quote that is not listed on our website. We are open to accept all KPOP orders.

Orders Arrival Timeline

Arrival time for Korea shipments is estimated 1.5~2 Months.
  • All back-orders of Albums with specific versions are ordered from Weverse shop as other retailers only offer random version offer. Please keep in mind the estimated arrival time for Korea orders.
  • Transit time to Pakistan is 1 week when it’s shipped out from Korea

Arrival time for Japan shipments is estimated 25~30 days.

  • All back-orders of Albums that have either single version or it’s random version are ordered from Japan.
  • We will be ordering MOTS:7, Skool Luv Affair Special Edition, 2 Cool 4 skool, Skool Luv Affair, O!RUL8,2?, BE Deluxe & Essential Edition, Photobooks & other such merch from Japan.
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