PGS PRE-LUV Deals Purchase Service

Pre-luv means pre-owned goods.
Pre-deals is our Service to facilitate Buying Official Pre-owned Merchandise & Albums, DVDs etc. from Kpop Fans in Korea & Japan or from popular Flea markets.

How it works:

  • Pre-luv deals are posted on our instagram account stories. 
  • Prices and all the details are mentioned on each deal post.
  • You have to DM us to claim the deal and them transfer the amount immdeiately to secure it.
  • Only pre-payment option is available. We do not accept COD orders for pre-luv deals.
  • Base price is fixed by the seller not us, so prices of the merch always varies. 
  • Some deals require full payment, but for DVDs and other expensive merch we usually do 2 payments. 1st payment is needed to secure the item.
  •  additional kg
  •  If you order several deals, you can combine your orders and save on TCS shipping. 
  • TCS charges are flat rate 300 pkr and it can be paid later on when the items arrive. Additional charges will incur for items that weigh more than 1Kg i.e 100 pkr per


  • Before placing order & completing payment read the seller description carefully about condition of the Goods, inclusions and also check out the photos for reference.
  • You have to send payment immediately after placing the order to secure the goods because it usually sell out really fast.
  • These products will be ordered & shipped out from overseas so it will take time to arrive. Estimated arrival time is minimum 25~30 working days. It may take longer depending on conditions such as when seller send it out, availability of flights etc., custom clearance etc.
  • Pre-Luv goods are purchased from resellers abroad so there is no refund or cancellation once you place order. Our supplier/agent will examine the goods sent by seller to ensure that products are the same as described by seller, not defective or there’s no missing items etc.
  • Prices are listed according to the prices listed by sellers & include international shipping cost + supplier service charges to it.
  • We will list only Official goods for sale after doing thorough search about seller but Please refrain from buying Pre-luv goods if you’ve doubts regarding authenticity etc.

Pre-luv Deals Arrival Timeline

Arrival time for shipments is estimated 25~30 days.
  • Transit time to Pakistan is 1 week when it’s shipped out from Japan
  • Customs clearance takes additional 2~3 days

Note: All our orders whether its a pre-order, pre-lu deal or a back-order are combined & then shipped out together to Pakistan. So our shipment arrival time is same for GOs, Back-orders & Pre-luv deals assisted purchases. 

Important Notes

Please keep in mind these points before ordering something through Pre-luv deals

  • Please note that the base price is fixed/listed by the seller. We add international shipping, taxes and other relevant charges to it. That’s why the price for same merch vary for each listing.
    Condition of the merch/product as per seller description will be posted or you can ask for more details via DM.
  • Outerboxes often get scratches or dents during transit despite extra padding and protective packaging. Please understand that it’s beyond our control. Also custom some time handle it roughly. This shouldn’t be a reason asking for refund etc.
  • There is absolutely NO Refund & NO Cancellation allowed. Once your order is placed, you cannot back out for any reason. Also, we have no refund policy for such demands.
  • If you order anything and later on demand for cancellation then PGS reserves the right to blacklist you from ordering any further orders.
  • When you order anything through PGS Group Orders ,backorder, Pre-luv deal or assisted purchase, you agree to all our  Terms Of Service/Rules. The estimated arrival time for both Korea & Japan shipments is clearly mentioned in the details. Complaints regarding delay of shipment are not acceptable & it’s not a valid excuse for backing out or cancellation of order. 
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