Group Order Details & Process

3 Payment/Installments Based Group Order Details

There are usually 3 payment steps for PGS Group Orders:

  • 1st Payment: You pay the item(s) cost (including 4.5% international transaction fee) + Any Domestic Shipping cost within Korea or Japan + Service Fee
  • 2nd Payment: International shipping charges based on the weight of the item(s)/shipment 
  • 3rd Payment-a: Any custom duties & taxes that incurs on shipment 
  • 3rd Payment-b: Local Courier Delivery Charges within Pakistan

2 Installments Based Group Order Details

2 installments method is basically A Group Order in which you can pay the total amount of an item in two installments instead of lump sump amount or full payment. 

1- 1st Payment/1st Installment: 50%  Of the total amount of item to be paid in advance to secure your order. 

2- 2nd Payment/ 2nd Installment: remaining amount is to be paid when the item are ready to be shipped out to Pakistan. In case of Pre-orders, it would be usually after the release date of items.

  •  Two payment GO is for those who want to know the full payment beforehand and want to pay it in installments. 
  • Two payment GOs will be available if the estimated weight of the items is known/determined, otherwise we will offer  3 payment GO.
  • Please note that Full Payment specially for Pre-released items is an estimated cost and if the shipping or customs charges per item in a GO exceeds the estimated costs then PGS reserves the right to charge you for the price difference incurred .
  • We can allow 2nd payment on COD. If you want 2nd payment on COD then leave us order comments while placing order or You can contact us via DM or Email.
  • 1st Payment will only be available on pre-payment. No COD available for it.
  • GO type or payment steps will be mentioned in the description on each item’s order page.
  • Terms of service & rules are same for all our Groups orders and back orders.

Important Notes

  • If you want to order something individually e.g any merch that has specific release date & PGS doesn’t have any GO available for it then it will be an assisted purchase. Kindly refer to assisted purchase details page for more information.
  • NO Cancellation. If you want to cancel your order after the 1st payment deadline, there will be no refund.
  • You must pay for every payment.  By joining PGS GO you commit to paying for all payments within the given deadlines. So be 100% sure that you can pay through bank transfer or easypaisa transfer before joining any GO.
  • Send Payment proof via Email. Make sure that you send us payment proof via Email. Payment proof is not accepted via DMs.
  • Pay within 1 hour after submitting your order. There will be set payment deadline described on each GO/Order page on our website. Some GOs are time sensitive (may sell out fast) therefore, we suggest to pay right away.
  • Unpaid 2nd & 3rd payment becomes an abandoned order. Failing to complete 2nd & 3rd payment within given deadline will be considered as abandoned order. There will be no Refund  & we won’t send you the item. So please check your emails & keep in mind the payment deadlines.

GO Shipment Arrival Timeline


Arrival time for Korea shipments is estimated 4 weeks depending upon these factors:
  • Sometimes the release dates of different merch is close and we have to wait for all the released merch to arrive at our warehouse before shipping it out to Pakistan.
  • Different public holidays in Korea causes delay in overall completing the orders & shipping out time.
  • Transit time to Pakistan is 1 week when it’s shipped out

Arrival time for Japan shipments is estimated 2~3 weeks

  • All the orders need to be completed before we repack & ship out everything. This might takes 2~3 weeks
  • Transit time is usually 1 week after it’s shipped out to Pakistan
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