Group Order Details & Process

3 Payments Method Group Order Details

There are usually 3 payment steps for PGS Group Orders:

  • 1st Payment: You pay the item(s) cost (including 4.5% international transaction fee) + Any Domestic Shipping cost within Korea or Japan + Service Fee
  • 2nd Payment: International shipping charges based on the weight of the item(s)/shipment 
  • 3rd Payment-a: Any custom duties & taxes that incurs on shipment 
  • 3rd Payment-b: TCS Delivery Charges within Pakistan
1st Payment: 
You have to complete the 1st payment within given deadline of each Group Order (GO) to secure the item(s). 1st payment is the actual cost of the item including international transaction fee i.e usually around 4.5% of the amount. There’s also domestic shipping fee from stores to our warehouse in Korea or Japan that will be included in the 1st payment if applicable. Also 1st payment include our service charges that is utilized to pay our supplier’s & warehouse charges and buying packaging material and other expenses.

2nd Payment:

International shipping is weight based. There are two type of weight based shipping charges.

  1.  Actual weight
  2. Dimensional/Volumetric weight (size of the items/box)
  • Shipping carriers like DHL & Fedex charges Volumetric weight if it’s more than the actual weight of the items/box. For example, total actual weight of the items is 8 KG but the Volumetric weight based on size is 15 KGs, So the shipping rate will be based on 15 KGs.
  • EMS shipping rate is usually based on the actual weight instead of considering the dimensional/volumetric weight. 
  • EMS shipping from Japan is based on the actual weight of the items.
  • EMS shipping from Korea is currently not available, Only DHL & Fedex is shipping to Pakistan. 

3rd Payment:

  • 3rd payment (A) :

 Any goods purchased from abroad, physical or online stores, is considered as an IMPORT. There are Customs duties/charges & other government taxes applicable on almost all imports in Pakistan. Customs duties are calculated based on the actual cost of the items and other Govt. taxes criteria is not that clear unfortunately. Therefore, each shipment incurs different customs duties & taxes each time. 

  • 3rd payment (B):

When goods/shipment arrive in Pakistan then the orders are sent to your address via TCS courier. TCS charges are also weight based.

TCS flat charges for upto 1kg package= 300 pkr

Additional charges incur when the weight exceeds 1kg. 

2 Installments Based Group Order Details

2 installments method is basically A Group Order in which you can pay the total amount of an item in two installments instead of lump sump amount or full payment. 

1- 1st Payment/1st Installment: 55%  Of the total amount of item to be paid in advance to secure your order. 

2- 2nd Payment/ 2nd Installment: remaining amount is to be paid when the item are ready to be shipped out to Pakistan. In case of Pre-orders, it would be usually after the release date of items.

  •  Two payment GO is for those who want to know the full payment beforehand and want to pay it in installments. 
  • Two payment GOs will be available if the estimated weight of the items is known/determined, otherwise we will offer  3 payment GO.
  • Please note that Full Payment specially for Pre-released items is an estimated cost and if the shipping or customs charges per item in a GO exceeds the estimated costs then PGS reserves the right to charge you for the price difference incurred .
  • We can allow 2nd payment on COD. If you want 2nd payment on COD then leave us order comments while placing order or You can contact us via DM or Email.
  • 1st Payment will only be available on pre-payment. No COD available for it.
  • GO type or payment steps will be mentioned in the description on each item’s order page.
  • Terms of service & rules are same for all our Groups orders and back orders.


Important Notes

  •  1st payment is the exact payable amount specified and each Group Order participant has to pay it Individually.
  • 2nd payment charges are usually divided per item in the shipment instead of per participant. For example, if you ordered more than one items then you have to pay shipping charges per item. 
  • Shipping cost varies for each shipment. We cannot tell an estimated shipping cost in advance for any item. Total shipping cost is calculated when all the orders arrives at our warehouse in Korea/Japan & they are repacked in one box. When the total weight of the box/package/shipment is determined then the total shipping cost is divided per item. So, Kindly Refrain from asking about the total cost or estimate cost for shipping 
  • 3rd payment charges are equally divided per item in the shipment as well.
  • TCS local shipping charges are based on total weight of your parcel.
  • Customs duties & taxes are calculated at the airport by custom officers and it varies for each shipment. Therefore, we cannot give any accurate or an estimated price for it until we receive the customs receipt when the shipment is released. 
  • If you want to order something individually e.g any merch that has specific release date & PGS doesn’t have any GO available for it then it will be an assisted purchase. Kindly refer to assisted purchase details page for more information.

  • NO Cancellation. If you want to cancel your order after the 1st payment deadline, there will be no refund. 

  • You must pay for every payment.  By joining PGS GO you commit to paying for all payments within the given deadlines. So be 100% sure that you can pay through bank transfer or easypaisa transfer before joining any GO. 

  • Send Payment proof via Email. Make sure that you send us payment proof via Email. Payment proof is not accepted via DMs.

  • Pay within 1 hour after submitting your order. There will be set payment deadline described on each GO/Order page on our website. Some GOs are time sensitive (may sell out fast) therefore, we suggest to pay right away.

  • Unpaid 2nd & 3rd payment becomes an abandoned order. Failing to complete 2nd & 3rd payment within given deadline will be considered as abandoned order. There will be no Refund  & we won’t send you the item. So please check your emails & keep in mind the payment deadlines.

GO Shipment Arrival Timeline


Arrival time for Korea shipments is estimated 1.5~2 Months depending upon these factors:
  • If the number of items are less then shipment might get delayed until certain number of items is reached. The reason is that international shipping charges are a lot and if there are less number of items then shipping cost divided per item incurs more than initial estimated cost, which totally kills the main purpose of a Group Order i.e reducing international shipping cost & taxes
  • Sometimes the release dates of different merch is close and we have to wait for all the released merch to arrive at our warehouse before shipping it out to Pakistan.
  • Different public holidays in Korea causes delay in overall completing the orders & shipping out time.
  • Transit time to Pakistan is 1 week when it’s shipped out

Arrival time for Japan shipments is estimated 25~30 days.

  • All the orders need to be completed before we repack & ship out everything. This might takes 2~3 weeks
  • Transit time is usually 1 week after it’s shipped out to Pakistan
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