PGS Terms Of Service/Rules

Please keep in mind these PGS General & Group Orders (GOs) rules before placing a Back-order or joining any PGS Group Order:

  •  Please ensure that you are 100% committed to ordering before joining any of PGS GO/Pre-order.
  • All payments must be completed within the given deadlines.  There’s absolutely no exception and excuses accepted for delay of payments specially 1st payment when we have to secure the pre-order items within limited time frame. The delay in payment causes issue for all of the GO participants. 
  • Make sure to pay within 1 hour after submitting/placing order. There will be set deadline mentioned for each payment for each GO. Some GOs are extremely time sensitive so pay right away after placing the order.
  • There is absolutely no Cancellation and no Refund once your order is secured and 1st payment is done for it, unless the items goes out of stock or the order is cancelled by weverse or other stores.
  • By joining PGS GO you commit to paying all the payment within given deadlines. There will be 500 pkr delay fine per item per day in case you failed to complete the 2nd payment within the given deadline without any valid reason.  If you still don’t respond to our Emails & do not complete your due payments within 2 days after the given deadline then your order will be considered as abandoned & there will be no refund issued for it. The delay in 2nd payment causes overall delay in shipping out & arrival of the shipment to Pakistan. So kindly make sure to complete your payments within the given deadline.   If there is an emergency or any other such situation and you’re unable to complete the payment then kindly inform us. We will definitely accommodate delayed payment for such cases.
  • Always check your Email for GO payment updates as we will contact and communicate with you through it. If you do not check and respond to our Email then you’ll be responsible for any delay & fine that incurs due to delay in payments.
  • Updates about shipment & payment deadlines are also posted on our Website,IG & FB stories/posts. It’s your responsibility to check out these updates instead of sending DMs or Emails for updates. We are NOT responsible for providing you any individual updates unless it’s an individual/private order.
  •  Shipping costs, customs duties & taxes will be divided according to your ration in them i.e number of items. In some cases where some items are heavier than the other items in the shipment, we reserve the right to charge you more shipping cost based on the weight of your item(s).
  • International shipping costs are weight & volume based and it varies with each item & shipment. Similarly customs duties & taxes varies with each shipment. We cannot tell you the accurate or even estimated price in advance. Please refrain from asking about an estimate price for shipping, customs duties & taxes in advance if it’s a 3 payment GO for pre-order/pre-released items.
  • No Refund or Exchange for outerbox damage during International transit. The outerbox or packaging  is meant for the protection of the actual product. Weverse shop or any other store does not offer any compensation or refund for any damage like scratch, dent etc. on the outerbox that occurs during international transit.  We ensure to pack the items securely for international shipping but sometimes outer-boxes are bent, scratched etc. in the transit. This is beyond our control and we would appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.
  • Customs sometimes open few items for inspection purpose in each shipment. This is normal and it happens all the time. Just because seal (plastic wrap) is removed from album or any other MD, doesn’t mean the goods are not NEW or Authentic. We absolutely do not unseal any of your items. If your items arrive unsealed, it’s done by customs and we have no control over it. You can check the inclusions to ensure that the items are complete.
  • Estimated arrival time is mentioned on each item’s order page. Please read and note it instead of sending us DM after every 2 days about the arrival of your order. Shipment updates are posted regularly on our social media account i.e Instagram & Facebook. It’s your responsibility to check out these updates.

Group Orders/Back-Orders take time, You’ve to be patient!

  • Different stores have different order processing and shipping out time. Weverse shop for example process orders slow sometimes due to large volume of orders.
  • The shipping out process after recieving goods from a store usually takes 5~6 business days but in some cases it takes up more time. National holidays, sales or other events cause delay in  shipping out or arrival process.
  • Just because something is released doesn’t mean that we have it on hand and we can deliver it to you immediately. Stores delivery time, International shipping duration or transit time, customs detention or release duration are all not in our control. Therefore, you need to wait for our updates patiently instead of bombarding us with DM or Email inquiries regarding the arrival of your items.
  • If you consistently DM or Email us about the status of your package, We will consider removing you from further GOs. It becomes tiring and time consuming when we receive multiple DMs from different people each day asking for updates.  All shipment updates are posted on our website as well as our social media accounts.
  •  We combine both Pre-orders & Back-orders (for already released stuff) and ship it together. As pre-orders have specific release dates and sometimes delays occurs due to store or other reasons. This is normal in GOs and any such delay is not an excuse to demand for Cancellation of your order or refund. 
  • Packing and booking of goods for delivery within Pakistan also takes some time. Just because the items arrived in Pakistan, doesn’t mean we will dispatch it to you the next moment. Again kindly refrain from sending DMs or Emails regarding when will we send your package. 

Local Shipping & Tracking: 

  • You’ll be informed when we book your order & dispatch it. An order tracking link will be shared via email and on the contact number that you’ve provided
  •  Kindly provide accurate shipping address & contact number while placing your order as it’s important for booking your orders. Providing inaccurate or incomplete shipping details results in delayed delivery or returned parcel. All the details provided by you are used only for shipping purpose and it’s 100% safe & protected on our website. We highly respect and protect our customers privacy.
  •  Courier charge us for returned parcels shipping fee. Therefore, for re-delivery you have to pay the return shipping fee as well as additional  shipping charges for booking & re-sending the parcel.
Cash on delivery (COD) is available only for In-stock stuff, albums & MD etc. All Pre-orders are on Pre-payment and 1st payment for GOs is also on Pre-payment. We might allow 2nd payment on COD if requested but otherwise there is NO cash on delivery available for pre-orders & back-orders unless it’s stated in the order description.
  • If you order anything on back-order or cash on delivery and later on demand for cancellation after your order is placed then PGS reserves the right to blacklist you from ordering any further orders.

  • Similarly, if you order on COD and refuse to accept the order when it’s delivered then you’ll be blacklisted.
  • We do not  offer any Exchange, Refund or alteration in the order due to change of mind once the order status is completed & it’s shipped out.
  • Missing Items claim or damaged items claim will not be considered without unboxing video (unedited) as a proof. So kindly always record an unboxing video of your order for any such claim later on.
“By Joining Our GO, you agree to all our Terms & Services and Rules. We will not entertain any complaints about the “shipment delay” etc. after you join the GO.”

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