JIN-Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself & Jin ‘Sea Of Jin Island’ [Pre-Order]


  • 1st installment required= 7500 pkr

Note: Send 1st installment payment receipt via Email (support@purplegalaxystore.com)

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1st Pre-order Schedule Delivery starts:

2nd Pre-order Schedule Delivery starts:

Estimated arrival time to PK: 2~3 weeks after the given release date for each pre-order

[Package Content]

1. Pet Cover + Photobook
Size: 220x280mm / 80p
2. Mini Poster
Size: 200x150mm / 1ea
3. Folded Poster
Size: 550x410mm / 1ea
4. Postage Stamp
Size: 150x200mm / 1ea
5. Photocard
Size: 55x85mm / 1ea + Random 1ea of 3ea
6. JIN’s Item (Fish card)
Envelope size: 130x100mm / 1ea
Tuna card size: 95x50mm / 2ea
Shark card size: 90x60mm / 2ea


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