RM- Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and RM ‘Entirety’ [Pre-Order]


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[Package Content]

1. Pet Cover + Photobook

Size: 220x280mm / 80 pages

2. Mini Poster

Size: 200x150mm / 1 sheet

3. Folded Poster

Size: 410x550mm / 1 sheet

4. Postage Stamp

Size: 150x200mm 1 sheet

5. Photocard

Size : 55x85mm / 1 sheet + 1 sheet (random from all 3 types)

6. RM’s Item (Bookmark)

Size: 30x105mm / 2 sheets

The concept of ‘Entirety’, which shows his true appearance, is to see RM’s strong and wild (WILD) charisma on the stage from Kim Namjoon’s calm and easy-going (CALM) appearance. I can do it.

And various aspects of the anguish (MONO) between a young man and an artist are depicted, and it expresses all of the self-essence that looks deeply at the artist RM.

Combining it with the art work, it becomes another work, and at the same time, this photo book is structured so that you can enjoy visually through the shooting in LA, and it contains about 80 pages.

In addition, it consists of a variety of contents such as mini posters, folding posters, stamps, photo cards, random photo cards, and 2 types of bookmark sets as special items!

Also, a special hint cut in the photo book will tickle ARMY’s curiosity about “NEXT”.

“Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and RM ‘Entirety'” of the photo book “BTS Special 8 Photo-Folio” series, in which each member is directly involved in planning, costumes, and directing the shooting, showing different charms, Pre-sale will start on August 25th (Thursday), and will be delivered sequentially from September 12th (Monday).

* To protect the environment, it is made of naturally degradable paper, printed with eco-friendly ink, and biodegradable plastic (PLA) is used for packaging.


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