Korea Shipment | PROOF Weverse Pre-Orders Updates!

  • Proof Batch-1 & Batch-2 are currently in Transit. DVDs, Got7 albums, Deco kit etc. are in Batch-1.
  • Last Batch of Proof albums are currently in queue for repacking at warehouse. We will Send Payment Emails soon to the remaining GO participants within this week.
  • Transit time from Korea is 5~6 working days.
  • All shipment Update will be posted here & on Our IG stories & GO participants will receive Whatsapp notification as well.
  • Please do not send us DM/Email for individual updates regarding arrival of your album. 

When will I receive my Album?

  • Estimate arrival date for all pre-orders is 3~4 weeks after “release date”. Proof release date was 10th june. According to our experience , weverse shop sometime takes upto 2 weeks to ship out pre-order albums, therefore we have clearly mentioned our shipment estimate arrival time as 3 to 4 weeks in GO guidelines & on pre-order page description. There is no delay as per our GO estimate arrival time-line.
  •  Please keep in mind that Arrival time depends on when weverse shop ship out our orders. If it’s sent out fast then obviously we will ship it out fast too.
  • When all the orders batch arrive at our K-warehouse then these orders are combined into one shipment. After the repacking, we receive shipping fee quote from warehouse and Payment-2 or 2nd installment emails will be sent to all those who have ordered Proof Standard edition or SET.
  • You have to transfer the 2nd payment within given deadline specified in email. Please be prepared for 2nd payment after the release of album.
  • After completing payment-2, Albums are shipped out to PK. Arrival/Transit time is 5~6 days.
  • We receive shipment after custom clearance. Payment-3 Emails are sent after receiving customs receipt & weighing individual packages. Payment deadline will be given in the Email.
  •  Orders are then booked & sent sequentially. Delivery within PK takes 1~2 working days depending upon the city.
  • International shipping takes time. There are many factors that causes delay sometimes and it’s out of our control. For example, delay from weverse shop, delay from warehouse due to large volume of orders, shipment stuck at customs etc. So we kindly ask for your patience and understanding!
  • If this is your first time joining our Group Order then please read the GO process/steps in details on the link given below:
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