Official BT21 Fuwa Fuwa Photocard Holder

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2 reviews for Official BT21 Fuwa Fuwa Photocard Holder

    Official BT21 Fuwa Fuwa Photocard Holder photo review
    Saim R.
    July 27, 2022
    My package came in today in absolutely perfect condition, it was meticulously packed as always, super secure and unscathed.💜❤️🫶🏻And I really loved the thank you note, it’s so pretty and cutee🥺💗🌸and thank you so so much for the STUNNING Jikook pcs as freebies, they’re so pretty…literally my bias and bias wrecker😭😭❣️🌸💜Thankyou so much, once again! You are literally the sweetest, most cooperative seller out there.💞💞You kept my order on hold when I requested it for THREE WHOLE WEEKS, without complaining even once, unlike most sellers. Also, you managed to get me that superrr cuteee cooky lip tint that I REAAAALLY wanted despite the import ban on cosmetics, you still risked it all for me and I am so grateful. Plus, you immediately dispatched my order when I told you to do so. You really are the best and deserve nothing less than the best, thank you so much for working so hard to help us Armies get our desired merch despite all the shit you have to put up with. I purple you🌌💜💗🥺🥰💘
    Official BT21 Fuwa Fuwa Photocard Holder photo review
    Official BT21 Fuwa Fuwa Photocard Holder photo review
    Official BT21 Fuwa Fuwa Photocard Holder photo review
    July 25, 2022
    Thank you sm for the cute freebies 🥺💗

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